26 – 11,000 words typed in 3 hours

When I started #ChallengeChooseday, I didn’t think it through properly. It was quite a good idea in my opinion but I was actually quite short-sighted with it. It was an idea to get me doing something different, to get me thinking differently and attempt to understand life from other perspectives. I didn’t actually think about the consequences of this. I didn’t realise it would change everything about me. It literally made my brain go into over load. I’ve had to attempt to process loads of different stuff all in my head and to be honest, it’s been rather tricky, as I’ve had so much change and a lot to attempt to make sense of.

As you can see, for this weeks challenge, I attempted to journal everyday for 30 minutes. I decided to do it on a laptop so I can see what I had written easily and look at how much I wrote cumulatively. I also wanted to be able to edit it easily as I know how tangled my thoughts can be.

I wanted to come at it with no agenda whatsoever. I didn’t want to plan what I was going to write. I kind of just wanted to monologue my thoughts through my hands. I’m not going to lie, I thought it was going to be hard to do it for 30 minutes. In retrospect, it probably wasn’t enough. I would literally chunder my thoughts onto the page from the second I started to the second I finished. I would write about anything and everything. Helen, work, life, the future, the past, core values and beliefs, things I was finding tough, stuff I didn’t understand, stuff that would just plain interest me, things that mattered, things that didn’t really matter…you name it, it just fell out of my brain in no real logical order. I’m not going to share with you what I wrote, because it’s quite personal and also it’s a load of mess. What I will say is that, in the 7 days of this challenge, I wrote a grand total of 11,000 words. Yes… it was nearly as long as my dissertation.

It was so helpful. It enabled me to actually understand what I thought. A lot of what I was thinking didn’t line up with my sub-conscious so it was interesting to find out what was really going on. It kind of allowed me to get stuff out of my brain without thinking I would lose it later on, and focus on other topics that I maybe hadn’t put as much thought into. This was probably one of the best challenges I have done.

I haven’t actually carried it on since and I think this is a mistake, because I’m always learning, but it is quite a commitment. I would say that I want to get into the habit of doing it maybe 3 times a week and see what happens from there.

If you have never journaled, you should give it a go. I think for me it was made easier by a previous challenge where I sat in silence for 30 mins a day. This made me start thinking more as the journaling helped me process.

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