22 – No more Coffee for me

As stated in the Instagram post, I’m probably addicted to coffee. On average, I reckon I have about 4 coffees a day – strong and black. Is this bad for me? Probably. Therefore, I decided to just go cold turkey on the stuff and see what happens.

Not really much to report to be honest. Yes, I completed the challenge. Yes, I was really tired to begin with. Yes, I ended up with loads of headaches in the first couple of days. But over the week, I think it actually made me feel better. Was this just a bit of the placebo effect at play? Who knows. It actually meant I replaced it with gratuitous amounts of water, which is much better for me anyway.

All in all, I reckon it was better for me, but I still decided I would go back to drinking coffee and only having one a day – I just love the taste you see. Maybe I’ll get into weird teas (I probably won’t, let’s be honest).

Update – I am probably back on about 2 or 3 a day, so that didn’t last long, but it was good at the time!

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