21 – F*** is a bad word

I’m talking about fear. Facing fears in theory is a great thing to do, but in practice is quite hard. This was a difficult challenge and for reasons you wouldn’t expect. Partly because I’m not actually scared of much and I don’t mind making a fool of myself, so I had to really think about this one. In a future challenge, I actually wrote down all my fears and the trouble is, they’re not ones that you can just face in one gesture. They were mainly things that will get sorted with time. You’ll hear more about that soon though.

Fear is a funny old thing. I think it’s usually based around our insecurities or something that has happened in the past. Maybe it’s being afraid of the unknown, or being accepted. I’m not really sure. Understanding this or the reason behind our fears will probably help overcome them, especially if they are irrational.

One of my fears which may sound stupid is singing in public. I don’t know why, it’s probably because I’m not very good at it. So I went and secretly did an open mic session. Luckily, I was able to accompany my average voice with enough guitar to feel alright. It wasn’t actually as bad as I thought, although maybe that was because I was doing it in front of people I would hopefully never see again. Maybe then, to really test it, I should do it in front of friends… We’ll see.

I actually found it really hard to think of other things to do that could be faced with an act. I’m not scared of heights or spiders etc. Thinking about it, I’m a bit scared of snakes, and if I saw one in the wild I’d probably run away, but not scared enough that picking one up would be a big enough challenge.

All in all, not the most successful week but the one thing I did do was really scary and I survived it! Having thought about it, I suppose I’m not too bad at facing fears – I get really nervous every time I get up to perform and play live with my bros but by doing it loads, I’ve actually managed to deal with it well and am much less fearful now. Sol helps though cause we always smash out like 20 high 5 pushups to get psyched up – might not work for facing every fear though!

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