19 – If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand thousand thousand thousand times, we need new attractions…

The first person to get the reference from the title will receive a chocolate bar of their choice from me, because it is an odd one but from one of my favourite films.

Anyway, where was I? In May, my older brother Joe was telling me about this incredible human being named Ross Edgley.

He is literally a machine. He climbed a rope and dropped down repeatedly until he had climbed the height of Everest…MACHINE. As you can see in the post above, he did a marathon whilst pulling a freaking Mini Cooper. I can’t even begin to understand how hard that was. I think it took him 19 hours. The big one that got me, and led me to do a previous challenge and therefore a previous blog, was in January 2017, he ran 30 marathons in 30 days straight. Seriously, you should check him out – rossedgley.com

Anyway, I learnt about him and just wanted to start pushing myself more. So I set myself the ‘Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand’ challenge. This is where I decided to do 1000 push-ups, 1000 sit-ups, 1000 burpees and 1000 squats in a week.

That may not seem like that many, but give it a go, it’s harder than you think. To be honest, the sit ups and the squats were not so bad. Yeah, they still hurt after a while but I could have added more. The push ups were a little harder. The sets were smaller and the reps slower but I managed them alright. The real killer were the burpees. Each day I dreaded doing these. They are gross but I attempted to stay true to the technique and not slack.

I did about 200 of each on the first day. It sucked but I was fresh and ready to go. I then headed to Cornwall for the rest of the week with some friends so I was able to have a couple of beach sessions which was fun. Although it didn’t help that most days involved surfing, swimming and other tiring beach activities…


One of my friends, Livvy, decided to join me for the rest of the sessions, which was a massive motivation for me.

I found it hard but our bodies are actually amazing. They adapt to the environment they are in so by the end of the week, even though it was hard, I was able to do more of each of them in a row. Granted you lose that quite quickly if you don’t keep it up, but it felt great at the time.

I didn’t carry on with this exact challenge after the week was up but I kept my fitness going and I actually think it gave me a little fitness booster in a way that I wasn’t expecting – plus the endorphins made me feel great each day.


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