16 – A Thousand Things I’m Thankful Thor

Not a hard challenge to understand, but a hard challenge to actually do. A thousand things is a lot and I didn’t just want to write meaningless things down e.g.

“899. Apples, 900. Pears, 901. Bananas, 902. Chicken tikka masala”

These things are fine I suppose but don’t mean anything.

I started off fine. It was easy to get to about 200 without breaking a sweat. The next 200 got a bit tricky but still not too bad – just a bit sweaty. The next 200 was tough. There were times where I would spend ages just thinking up 1, but something would jog my memory and eventually I got there.

Coming up to 750, I had a cunning plan. As I previously mentioned, I didn’t want to write meaningless nothingness down but I was starting to lag. So I wrote down a list of close family and friends. Then, next to each name, I took time to think of 5 attributes that I am thankful for in that person. This was actually an excellent addition to the challenge. It made me think deeply about lots of people that I know and what makes them amazing. I highly recommend doing this. It gave me a deeper appreciation for the people in my life.

Anyway, after I had finished that, I had less than 100 to come up with and completed it pretty quickly.

This challenge was harder than I thought it was going to be, but was also really helpful – I’d recommend it.

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