15 – My 5-inch prison

It annoys me when Helen is on her phone when we could be hanging out, yet at a different point of the day I am exactly the same. It annoys me when I see other people doing it too, yet I am as bad if not worse. The challenge to give up social media was cool, but I would still have my phone to text and what not. This new challenge was to significantly reduce phone usage. I wanted to just turn it off and put it in a drawer for the week, but annoyingly I organise my work through my phone and it wouldn’t be fair to clients to cut them off. So I turned off all the notifications, deleted any games and, in situations where I would usually turn to an app, I tried to use other things to help. I would look up directions beforehand, or use a computer to check the news/sports instead of using my phone and getting sucked in. The general idea was to avoid going straight to my phone when ‘bored’. I wanted to take in the surroundings a little more, be a little more aware of what was going on around me. I stopped using my phone in bed and we would talk instead.

It was really cool actually. Apart from a few messages I missed out on that might have been useful in that instant, I really did spend a lot less time on the phone. I would people watch and would also think a lot. Anyone who says they need their phone as an alarm…buy an alarm clock.

Annoyingly, I (Helen) smashed my phone up later in the year. So when the insurance company gave me a new one, I refreshed it from a backup from before this challenge and without really realising it, all notifications were back on my phone and I slipped back into the old habits. Writing this has actually reminded me of how good it is and I will now turn them all off and attempt to be better at not using my phone.








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