14 – Courage to encourage

People are amazing. Everyone has something about them that is interesting or significant and unique. Even if it is hidden at first, if you watch for long enough, it will come out. British culture is an interesting one and especially in the way it teaches us to interact with each other. In particular as a man, we are often taught not to share our feelings. This isn’t news to anyone. We all know it, but do I like it? No – in fact it’s probably harmful for development. It probably leads to much miscommunication, frustration and potentially anger. To combat this, I challenged myself to just see something good in someone, and let them know about it. Just tell them, even if it seems awkward or a bit weird. I decided to attempt to properly encourage 5 people each day for the week.

You know what, it was a little weird to begin with. It seemed like I was trying too hard sometimes. Not because I was hanging around with boring people and finding it difficult to pick something to encourage them for., but mainly because it’s hard to put yourself out there. It’s hard because the response isn’t usually one of gratitude. It is often one of surprise and an awkward ‘thanks’ with a swift move on to the next topic of conversation. After a few days though, it became really natural. I forgot to care about the response and just enjoyed saying encouraging things. I would say stuff to people I didn’t know, for example  if I saw them do something kind, as well as people I do know. I didn’t really hear any feedback from anyone but I’m certain that encouragement turns people’s days around, speaks into their confidence and hopefully encourages them to continue living into that positive attribute.

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