11 – Smiles for miles

Have you ever walked around town, or sat on the daily commute and noticed this same look on everyone’s face?
img_5120If you haven’t, you will now. It’s literally everywhere. Now, have you also noticed that if you accidentally catch someones eye, one of you will instantly look away. I used to do it all the time.

Finally, have you ever seen someone you don’t know smiling for whatever reason and for another ‘whatever reason’ it also made you smile. Much like a yawn, a smile is infectious and if you smile, I genuinely think you feel better because of it. So…

I decided for this challenge to look at everyone I walked past in the eye and smile. This goes against everything us Brits want to do but I thought it might brighten someone else’s day, so why not? I had to learn to not make it look creepy, or like I was hitting on anyone. It was actually a really great challenge. Yes loads of people would look away, but LOADS of people would look at me and smile back which was great. Sometimes people would look back at me, not smiling, attempting to work out if they knew me, by which point I probably got weirded out and looked away. It was a massively fun challenge and I sure hope it made some people have a better day. I still keep this one going, well not all the time but as often as I remember and it still yields the same results. Give it a go if you are able to fight off the Brit within you.

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