10 – Generosity never killed the cat

“In a culture obsessed with materialism, I reckon the biggest antidote is generosity”

– Sam Hardy

I suppose I put those exact words together, but give credit where credit is due… I was sat talking to my good friend Adam a while ago now and he was telling me about a study to do with money that found that no matter how much they have, every one wants more. He actually wrote an excellent book very recently which has a whole chapter dedicated to this topic. It’s not available on Amazon yet but when it is, I’ll link it here.

Anyway, talking about it was really interesting as the people in the study had a lot more money than I did, but still wanted more to ‘fulfil’ their needs desires. Although it was easy to judge from a far, the really interesting part was to look at it through my own life and see if I was the same. And guess what… suprise suprise, I am. You could argue not to the same level, as I want different guitar pedals or a drone to film loads of cool #stunts compared to people wanting millions of monies more, but I think we are pretty much all in the same place just with different numbers on the pay cheque.

The best part of the chat was looking at how to overcome it though. Is it possible to feel satisfied with what you have right now and not want more? I believe the answer can be yes but it is a tricky one. The best way to overcome wanting more, is to give away more. Give until you feel it. Give until it hurts a little. Give away the stuff you hold on to a little too closely. If you do this enough, you will stop needing more to satisfy you. Stop looking at the people that have more than you and becoming jealous, look at the people who have less and become generous. Anyone who knows Adam will think he wrote this as it’s all he ever goes on about these days, but the chat we had really impacted to me.

This led to the challenge, doing something generous each day for another person, that I wouldn’t normally have done.

I thought about writing down all the things I did but have actually decided not to. I know that may sound lame and you want to know, but I don’t want to decide for you what’s generous or not. I think you should give this challenge a go and see how you found it. If you really are stuck, message me and I’ll give you some ideas, but try for yourself first. Try giving away something you don’t want to give away, thats when the challenge really kicks in.

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