8 – How I stopped screwing myself over

This was one of my favourite challenges and I wasn’t even planning on doing it. I woke up on the Tuesday morning without a challenge in mind. Someone on my FB newsfeed had liked this particular video and I almost scrolled right past it without a second glance. Something about the title grabbed my attention though.

If you didn’t watch it the first time round, Watch it now. It is worth every minute. And if you’re honest with yourself, it’s true.

‘We never feel like doing the things that it takes to achieve our goals’.

No one ever really feels like saying no to that piece of chocolate cake. No one ever really feels like training for the half marathon that they signed up for (not to begin with anyway). The video explains that we have a split second to make a decision to do something or not. If we choose to, it usually means we have put ourselves out there, which is a good thing. If we choose not to, our brain has put the brakes on to save embarrassment or whatever else – to ‘protect’ us. With this in mind, I challenged myself to set one alarm at 6.30am and the second I heard the alarm, I had to throw the duvet off and just stand up out of bed. As explained in a previous blog, Eat together or don’t eat at all, I am a morning person already but NO ONE ever feels like doing this. Sounds easy I hear you say… Well I had no safety alarms or snooze buttons. It was me vs the cold morning air.

It seemed to me that the challenge would be difficult but you know what, it was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be. The second I had it in my head that I was just gonna get up, I would. Yes it might seem small, but the rest of the day was so full. I had time to go to the gym, read more, sit and be present with breakfast. I had time to think more and time to go to my local cafe to sit on my own and take the world in. Yes, I had to get over the initial shock and grogginess, but it would soon go and the rest of the day was just better. I think it also tee’d me up to make better decisions. I was ready to just say yes to things without allowing my brain to smash the breaks on.

I still get up fairly early most days, but I have gone back to snoozing. Writing this blog has made me re-watch the video and decide to go back to just getting up. Hopefully it will last and I can continue to freely make split-second (positive) decisions without my cautious brain stopping me.

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