7 – My first failure…

I failed this challenge in more ways than one. The first was because I technically posted after midnight making this #ChallengeChwednesday… That does not have the same ring to it.

Background – It was February the 14th and instead of being a decent husband, I was spending a couple of days up north in Manchester and Bradford at a Leadership conference (which was ace btw). To make matters worse, it was half term and I could have been chilling with my beautiful teacher wife on her rare few moments away from hell school. Late on the Tuesday, as I was enjoying the camping bed on Jack’s living room floor, I was struggling for ideas at the late hour and as it was Valentines, I had the grand idea of making it up to Helen by being super romantic when I got back from the trip and doing something special for her every day for a week.

This was already destined to fail as I was away half the week anyway. Also, as stated in the Insta post, I was hoping she wouldn’t see the challenge and therefore she would feel surprised. This was wrong for two reasons. Firstly, because I thought she hadn’t seen it, I thought I could get away with it for a couple of days without her noticing. How romantic right? Secondly, she noticed that I hadn’t put a challenge post up onto FB so checked my Instagram to see if I had forgotten – so she saw it anyway. And waited each day for a romantic gesture…that never came. Awkward.

Finally, I was deceiving to my followers too. Helen had actually arranged a lovely little trip for us to a spa hotel in the depths of Somerset that week and I cheekily used it as my own idea on my ‘reflection’ post, in order to seem like less of a failure.

All in all, I completely and utterly failed this one. It was as if I didn’t really try and what’s worse, I used Helens romantic gesture as my own on the post to avoid embarrassment. Well there you go, it’s all out in the open now. I really need to make this one up to her and I am promising myself that I will!

Bad times. Need to be better! Will try again! 

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