4 – Social Media made me FAT

Ok so the title is not strictly true, but it did make me lazy. I watched this video

and it was one of those ‘slap in the face’ sort of videos. If you didn’t get a chance to watch it, just take 15 minutes now to have a look. It really will shed some light on lots of very interesting points. This led me to give up EVERY form of social media for the week.

I didn’t really know what it was going to do for me, but it was actually amazing. The second I wasn’t able to have instant access to it, I just completely forgot about it. It genuinely felt like a weight off my shoulders. It made me really productive; I read loads, I wrote music and I don’t think our flat has ever been cleaner. The biggest difference is that I allowed myself to get bored. If I got bored previously, I would just click on Facebook or Instagram and just browse. And browse. And watch videos. And sell my soul to the Gods of time-wasting. This week, when I got bored, I allowed myself to be bored. And when you get bored, you get creative. You think more deeply,  you are able to just sort of be. That sounds super hippy and I’m not usually like that, but it was true. I felt like I had all the time in the world and it was just amazing.

I went back to using social media the week after, hoping to only use it sparingly, but truth be told it sort of crept back in. I really want to use it less but it is literally designed to hook us in. They make more money the longer we spend on it, so it is designed to grab hold of us and keep us using. I do think I am potentially a bit addicted to it and am thinking about maybe getting rid of it altogether after I have finished this year.

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