3 – Serial Killer Cows

I watched the documentary Cowspiracy earlier on in the week and it was pretty scary to be honest. I won’t go into all of the details but I think you should watch it (I believe it’s on Netflix). It basically looks into the causes of global warming and the statistics are staggering. Apparently, the total carbon footprint of feeding, farming, killing and preparing beef for the whole world is a lot worse than all forms of transport combined. Not just a little bit worse but a whole lot worse. Anyway, I decided to go vegetarian for the week to play my part in reducing this issue.

I’m not going to lie to you, I love meat. I would eat meat at every meal time if I could. I thought this challenge was going to be tough but it wasn’t too bad actually. The biggest thing I learnt was that I’m not very good at cooking vegetarian meals, so the things I cooked were kind of gross – you can ask Helen how my bean burgers turned out.

This wasn’t the main point though. It was mainly to look at how how I could reduce my intake for ecological purposes. I learned so many interesting things from this week. This included the reason why we eat so much meat as a nation, which can be linked to the war; meat was highly rationed during WWII, so when it finished, we started over-eating meat as it was easy to get our hands on. Now we eat far too much of it.

I’m not saying everyone should become a vegetarian, I’m just saying that if everyone reduced their meat intake to half, it would significantly reduce the damage to the planet. The difficult thing is that everyone would have to get involved to make a difference.

Helen and I decided to give up beef completely following this challenge – we decided that we would only eat it if prepared for us by others to avoid being rude! It’s a small step but a manageable one. We’ve not been so strict recently but this post has reminded me to get back on it and hopefully invite others to do the same too.

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